Monday, May 25, 2015

Out of the frying pan and straight into the fire

It happened again... maybe. I am officially waitlisted for Cuyamaca 100k. After moaning and groaning (bitching) about my 50 mile race, I damn well went and tried to get into a 100k race. So I guess after a boring 3 weeks of not running due to recovering from PCT and then a cold, I'm back in the swing of things.  I just need to remember where all my running gear was ditched.  I think this time, I should train properly and not half ass this race. Remind me of that when I start griping about running. I can't decide if I do or don't want a chance to run this race.

Last year I drove out with the kids to cheer on a friend running Cuyamaca.  I remember this being an incredibly beautiful portion of the race and started itching to run this race. Unfortunately in order to be able to see the true beauty of this segment, I would have to get so much faster than I am. This is approx mile 55 of the race, it'll be dark when I run this! I really hope I'm still running at this point in the race and not reduced to constantly walking. Yikes!  I'll have to imagine the flowing golden grass in my mind.

100k is a new distance for me. To date, 50 miles has been the farthest distance I've run. I'm not really sure how I talked the hubs into letting me do this race. But, I'm just going with it and signed up for the waitlist before he could change his mind.

And on that note, I ran a lovely and leisurely 5 miles this morning with M who is recovering from a knee injury. He kicked my butt, so it was pretty sad. But it was still great to run after so much time off. To reinforce the need to find my running gear, I couldn't find my inhaler or Garmin....?  Wonder where they wandered off to.

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