Monday, February 8, 2016

What to do, what to do?

I can't decide if Facebook and Pinterest are making me a better person or just driving me insane. 

Thanks to Pinterest I have completed 6 scarves in the last 2.5 months and I'm now working on what will become the most expensive throw in my purchasing history. Seriously, I could have bought a designer one for what the yarn is going to end up costing.  And sleep is a distant memory. 

Facebook is great at reconnecting me with old friends and their lives and all, but when I see a post about the amazing (hard as hell) run my friends did that day, it kind of makes me feel inferior. You know what I mean? So now I have it fixated on my head I NEED to go run hills. How am I going to keep up with them in the mountains if I'm not putting in my time? If all my runs are flat and easy, my legs are going to cry when I drag them up a mountain. 

So I went scouting nearby places to run. I recall a route I have only run twice since moving here 6 years ago. It's a hill that is 1.5 miles long. Yuck. But, since the PCT 50 is basically 13 miles straight uphill, under better pull up my big girl underroos and get running. 

On my enjoyable way down the hill, I spot this cute little grassy hill and wonder if the city will get mad at me for doing repeats on it. Or maybe I can just roll down it, that would be fun. 

Do a little house shopping. I'd like to live here I think. 

And boom, now I'm at the bottom and have to run back up. Gulp...yeah, I know what you are thinking. It doesn't look intimidating does it? It doesn't feel that bad when I drive it either. 

At nearly the top I spy a 1/4 mile little hill. Repeats? Why yeah, sure! (Maybe next time I bring more water, gasp!). 

But the view was worth it. A little glimpse of Point Loma and the Pacific Ocean. 

And the next day? Still feeling inferior, find another hill!!!!  (Yeah, that's not a picture of a hill.)

There's the hill. 

And there...

And here.

And a stop to admire another great view (ok, to pant and gasp for air and swear at myself!).

Before starting that trek back. 

And just when I thought I was done. Damn it. One more hill. 

But, my mountain run Saturday was far less painful than I figured it to be. And for my first run back in the mountains since November, I think I did ok. I'll get you those pictures tomorrow. It was a great day out there! 

But I still don't know if I like or hate Pinterest and Facebook.